NEDZ Micro-Rotary Machines

Nedz micro-rotaries specialise in quality, precision engineered rotary machines which are designed and produced here in the UK.

Nedz Micro-Rotary machines are the first tattoo machines to use a twin cylindrical drive system allowing the professional tattooist to control both the speed and punch separately. By altering the voltage the speed of the motor can be changed which in turn changes the frequency of hits to the skin.

On a normal rotary when the voltage is turned down the punch is also reduced however with this revolutionary machine an increase or decrease in voltage will not affect the punch of the machine giving the tattooist the ability to change the machine from a super soft shader to a hard punching power liner. In effect the Nedz Rotaries combine the characteristics of coil machines with the elegant simplicity of rotaries.

All our machines are now fitted with a Delrine Slide to ease movement and aid stability, making for a much quieter machine and come supplied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

We also use our very own adjustable cam that can be set between 2mm and 5mm stroke. All parts are interchangable with the entire range of Nedz Rotaries by simply removing the motor body and attaching it to a different frame from our range (available seperately on our website), so you can build a completely different machine.

Nedz Micro-Rotary machines can be used with regular needles and tubes (except MR03) or with the Nedz grip which can be used in conjunction with needle cartridges. The Nedz grip has three different grip sizes available (26mm,24mm,22mm) to suit all artists needs and comforts.

NEW FOR 2014: All our machines now come fitted with MAXON Swiss motors, the best and most reliable motor out there. Nedz now no longer support our regular German fast and slow motors so if you would like to upgrade your machine to the Maxon option contact us for more info.

Nedz Micro Rotaries