Lightweight, Ergonomic Designs

Our rotary tattoo machines feature lightweight, ergonomic designs that are both comfortable and easy to use. Crafted using the finest materials and advanced engineering techniques, our handmade tattoo pen machines deliver a smooth and consistent performance that will impress your clients.

Handcrafted Rotary Tattoo Machines and Equipment

At NEDZ, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line rotary tattoo machines and equipment that meet the needs of tattoo artists across the UK. Whether you're an experienced artist in Essex or just starting your tattooing journey, our products and accessories are designed to enhance your craft and deliver outstanding results.

Combining Precision and Reliability

Our rotary tattoo machines ensure smooth and consistent performance, allowing you to create stunning tattoos every single time. Fully adjustability needle depth and stroke length can be easily adjusted to accommodate different skin types and tattooing techniques, allowing for a high degree of customisation and precision. Plus, our machines are compatible with a variety of needle sizes and configurations allowing artists to create both

Tattoo Equipment and Accessories

In addition to our exceptional tattoo pens, we also provide a range of high-quality tattoo accessories and equipment, including a wide range of colours of inks, ink caps and cartridges designed to provide excellent ink saturation and are compatible with a wide range of tattoo machines making them a versatile choice for any artist. We also stock replacement cables and batteries to keep you powered up and ready to go.

Proud to Serve the UK Tattoo Industry

We are passionate about tattooing and our commitment to providing artists with the tools they need is unrivalled. Proudly serving local tattoo artists in Chelmsford, Essex, and beyond, we are proud to have earned a trusted name in the UK tattoo industry. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with our reliable products and prompt service, sets us apart.

Elevate Your Tattoos

Elevate your tattoos with NEDZ tattoo machines. Experience the precision, reliability, and quality that our tattoo products offer. Get the most out of your ink with NEDZ. Got any questions? Contact us today to explore our range of handmade tattoo machines, accessories, and equipment.