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Nedz Permanent Make Up Pen Tattoo Machine

Nedz Permanent Make Up Pen Tattoo Machine

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PMU Pens are specially designed tools used for  micro-pigmentation procedures. These pens are used to create long-lasting cosmetic tattoos on the skin, such as eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos, and eyeliner tattoos. 

The pens are typically made from high quality materials like aircraft aluminium, and are designed to be both precise and commutable to use. They feature a needle cartridge at the tip of the pen, which can be adjusted to control the depth and thickened of the tattoo.

One of the benefits of using a handmade permanent make up tattoo pen is that it allows for a high degree of control and precision. The pen can be used to create fine, detailed lines or to fill in larger areas with cooler. This makes it ideal tool for creating natural- looking, realistic tattoos that enhance the client's features. 

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