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Nedz Easy Flow Vivid Tattoo Inks

Nedz Easy Flow Vivid Tattoo Inks

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Nedz easy flow vivid  inks are pigments used to create the designs on the skin. They come in a wide range of colours. The inks are specially formulated to be long-lasting and safe for use on the skin. 

Nedz vivid inks are made from a combination of ingredients, including pigment particles, carrier fluids, and blinding agents. The pigment particles are what give the ink its cooler, while the carrier fluid helps to distribute the pigment evenly and smoothly. The binding agents help the ink to adhere to the skin and stay in place for years to come.

Overall, Nedz tattoo inks are essential part of the tattooing process, allowing artist to create beautiful, lasting designs on the skin. 

Our full range of quality Nedz Vivid Inks all conform to current EU regulations.

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